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Get Started Making Money Affiliate Resource Center Affiliate Profits University - Free Earn Bonus Prizes

When You Become an Affiliate of TradingAffiliates.com, You Get:

  • World-class banner ad creatives in a variety of sizes to use on your sites (these are available in many different sizes in both static vs animated versions)
  • FREE Membership in our exclusive "Affiliate Profits University"™ site — including sales-boosting tutorial videos and much more ($395 value)

  • Out top-converting email sales copy — created by one of the world's top internet marketing copywriters for financial websites, this can help significantly boost your sales (and the best part is, all you need to do is cut, paste and send!)
  • WEBINAR special events that'll reveal top-selling tactics you can use to monetize your lists even better, by using updated, proven marketing campaign strategies — Also FREE!

PLUS, You'll Also Get:

  • Huge commission payouts of between $300 and $500 PER SALE! Plus generous 2nd-tier commissions for all sub-affiliates you refer to us — it's a win-win for everyone.
  • Invitations to participate in our time-limited launches and relaunches (and we won't ask you to burn out your lists by sending a flood of emails, unlike other affiliate launch model programs)

  • Contests with out-of-this world prizes you can earn (and you don't have to have a massive list to win; we have prizes for all affiliates who generate even a single sale). They're fun and give you an opportunity to get great prizes and more!
  • Super-affiliate preferred plans — for those with large lists, we can do individually-tailored webinar based promotions for you and even more.
  • Special bonuses and "extras" that our team of affiliates get as well.

It's Easy To Get Started — Here's How:

Joining our team of "super-affiliates" to potentially make high commissions is easy. To maintain high quality standards, we have an approval process in place to help ensure that our program closely matches the affiliate profile of whom we know will be most successful in offering our premium trading systems to their lists:
To apply for our affiliate program, you must:
1) Be a full-time resident of the USA, the UK, or Canada (exceptions made on a case-by-case basis, contact us with any questions). We will be expanding this effective January 1, 2010 — for now we are primarily recruiting affiliates from these three countries.
2) Operate a website that we can verify via the whois domain registry, that resolves to your name and lists a permanent address inside the USA, UK or Canada.
3) Before applying, please first review the official Affiliate Terms of Service carefully (shown below), to make sure you can meet the terms outlined, before applying.

We manually check and approve each affiliate application before granting admission; these are all checked individually prior to accepting any affiliate into the program. No anonymous people or those from outside countries we have legal jurisdiction/enforcement capability in will be accepted.

Click the link below and fill out the affiliate form on the following page (note you do not need to enter your SS number or provide it to us until you reach at least $600 in commissions for your 1099, for USA residents).
On the form, be sure to use an email in the format of yourname@yourdomain.com or you will not be approved. We need this so that we can verify your identity and check your site for compliance, double-opt in process and more, before granting approval.   Absolutely no affiliates will be approved that enter free gmail/hotmail/yahoo types of email addresses. Allow 24-48 hours for this.
If approved, you'll get a notification email, where you can find your individual links, plus start using the banners, email creatives and more to start earning commissions.
We also send your login ID to the "Affiliate Profits University" video tutorial login area, members' blog, webinars and other resources to help you become successful. And that's it — it's easy!
Our goal is to have the top sales-producing trading affiliate program ever launched so we want to make sure we have qualified, motivated affiliates as part of our team.

Affiliate Program Agreement:

Please read this carefully prior to registering for TradingAffiliates.com.

All commission amounts due to credit card fraud will be deleted from commission totals and reported to the applicable law enforcement agency in the country of origin, as determined by IP/reverse-proxy lookups for criminal and/or civil prosecution. You hereby give us permission to track all logins and sales referrals using our proprietary IP tracking scripts for security purposes.

ZERO Spam Policy — we do not allow any sending of bulk email or "spam"/UCE to promote our systems. And you make not rent or buy co-reg or other lists to market our systems with. All emails must be CAN-SPAM compliant and have been double-opted in for compliance. If we get complaints about spam coming from your domain, you agree to be solely liable for damages and we will have no choice but to terminate you from the program. You may not send to any list that you were told was "opted in", nor otherwise obtained in any manner other than lists that were built one subscriber at a time with a CAN-SPAM compliant double-opt in process (such as acceptable aweber, infusionsoft, icontact or similar services).

Anti-Fraud Policy — Although the majority of affiliates are honest and promote ethically, there are still those who are grey- or black-hat in their business practices, or engage in attempted credit card fraud. So we have rather strict measures to protect our business (and our valued other affiliates) from criminal activity. We are vigorous about turning over any fraudulent orders to law enforcement/Interpol for criminal investigation, as well as civil litigation for any fraud attempts committed and FTC/SEC enforcement.

Do not join if you are even thinking about placing fraudulent orders with stolen/forged credit card numbers. We use multiple layers of security (including authorize.net's anti-fraud filters, reverse proxy server/IP verifications, delivery tracking, AVS checks and more) to ensure only legitimate orders get credited. Affiliates agree to repay any commissions obtained that are reversed via chargebacks, fraud or other non-payment within 30 days of receiving such commissions, and agree that we may hold you liable via civil damages for any fraudulent or other non-legitimately obtained sales.

FTC/SEC Compliance Requirement — All affiliates agree to only send out fully FTC- and SEC-compliant promotional materials, including emails, direct mail, websites, social media posts and other promotional efforts. All materials must be fully compliant. Emails and sites will be monitored and any non-compliant emails or other noncompliant promotions that are distributed will result in affiliate termination. You agree not to make any profitability claims nor promises, nor earning claims nor any other non-compliant wording in your promotional materials and emails. We prohibit the distribution of any marketing materials that reference our sites and systems at other company's events (webinars, expos, seminars, public events, etc); all marketing must be done to your FTC-compliant opt in list and via your websites. Affiliates are solely responsible for making sure their promotional and marketing materials are fully compliant with applicable regulations. Thanks for your cooperation.

By registering for our affiliate program, you agree to all the terms listed on this page, and in the complete agreement found below (note we do not allow "review" sites, similar words via ppc ads and other restrictions):

If you have a legitimate, established trading site (no blogs or new sites or spam/hype type noncompliant sites) and are located in the US, Canada or UK, start the application process by sending in a help ticket:


describing your site's traffic, years in business and proposed plan for promoting this.
Your email must not be a yahoo/gmail/hotmail/free email, it MUST be
in the form of yourname@yoursite.com or it will not be responded to.

If it looks like the type of site we would consider as an affiliate partner,
we'll send you the application link so you can get started. We are very
selective about whom we'll work with. All applicants are screened manually.

Important: You must apply using an email in the format of yourname@yourdomain.com, which shows your website name that you personally own (we check via IP trace and the whois registry). No blogs.
Your site's whois information must show that you are registered in the US/UK/Canada to be eligible.
No emails from free email accounts like yahoo/hotmail/aol/gmail etc. will be approved and no domains
registered via anonymous proxys (eg domainsbyproxy) will be approved. All affiliates IP-geography tracked.
EXAMPLES:   Acceptable: kcalh @ stocktradingsuccess .com    Not acceptable: calhounken @ hotmail .com

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